Asphalt Repair Machine

Asphalt Repair Machine

> The asphalt repair machine is being mounted onto a lorry. A reservoir having at least 9m3 bearing capacity is positioned on the lorry. Sides and the bottom parts of the reservoir manufactured with plaques as being 5 millimeters.

> The storage space is coated with a wool material having fiberglass to preserve the heat of the asphalt material which placed in the reservoir.

> The reservoir consists of four main components.

> The top cap which placed on the reservoir controlled by a hydraulic engine.

> The body of the reservoir of the asphalt repair machine manufactured with a material having st37 and st52 standards.

> The form of the reservoir produced as being proper to make discharge. The internal side of the reservoir designed as having V shape to compose discharge entirely. Therefore, retaining the waste material in the reservoir is blocked.

> A helix system determined into the reservoir of the asphalt repair machine to allow the material in the reservoir being removed properly.

> A hydraulic system determined to ensure the whole movements of the system. The hydraulic system provides pump force having averagely 250 bars.

> An oil pan having 80 liters capacity placed to allow the hydraulic pump to operate.

> Besides, a cooling fan situated.

> A heating system which operates by a 220v electric generator placed for the reservoir of the asphalt repair machine.

> A fuel tank and a water tank having 80 liters capacity for each one placed in the system.

> The cylinders having resistance till 200 atm operating pressure are preferred for the system. The whole cylinders provide impermeability until 200 atm pressure.

> Surfaces of the cylinders capped with decent supplies.

> The color and the covering material of the external surface of the vehicle depends on the requests coming from the customer.

> It is equipped with the required tools to broke and fix discomposed grounds.

> A hand compactor having vibration used for crushing the pieced places.