Canal Jetting

Canal Jetting

> Two water tanks included in the Canal Jetting for clean and dirty water separately. The tank for clean water located on the front of the vehicle; on the other hand, dirty one attached to the rear part.

These tanks shaped like a cylinder and manufactured from stainless steel material which is compatible according to EN10025 European standards.

Indicators settled onto the tanks to show the amount and the volume of the water that the tanks involved. Moreover, water breaks inserted into the tanks.

> A water pump, operating at great pressure, was placed in the canalization vehicle. It takes the required power from the engine of the vehicle. A filter system installed into the pump.

> The Vacuum Pump System of The Canalization Vehicle

A vacuum pump system, which can constitute at the rate of %90 vacuum with the received water from the water tank, arranged in the vehicle. An absorption cutting system set to cut the flow automatically if the tank is full.

> Commanding The System 

A controlling board settled on the rear of the vehicle. The board involves a manometer, vacuum meter, indicators to see the water amount, throttle knob, cycle counter, switching command for the water pump, urgent system closing button, and oil pressure indicator.

> A spotlight bulb situated on the rear of the vehicle.

> The canalization hose runs with a purchase.

> The controlling board is sheltered against water and any kind of dashes coming from out.

> A hydraulic installation settled to make the mechanisms in the vehicle operate. Indicators that show heat and the amount of the oil placed on the oil tank

> 2 canalization hose systems placed in the canalization vehicle. The reel can turn about 180 degrees. The system attached to the engine by a rag wheel.