Chip Spreader

Chip Spreader

> The chip spreader managed by a pneumatical command which situated into the drivers’ cabinet.

> The material amount is regulated under the favor of censors which placed into the reservoir. Censors execute voiced and illuminated warning when the material in the reservoir ends.

> The cap of the chip spreader reservoir is managed by a pneumatical system. It has four various casting width. The casting process fulfilled via 4 rear caps.

> A flow control mechanism set on the purpose of allowing the materials in the spreader to be dispersed equally on the ground. Under the favor of this system, the whole chips are spread to the ground equally and smoothly.

> A dust separator which manufactured from stain body and has at least 400 kilograms capacity is installed in the system.

> The material spreader arranged to the intended measures (as being millimeter) on the point of making the casting.

> Averagely 30% save of the chip is provided under the favor of the chip spreader controlling system. Besides, the chips are dispersed to the surface equally.

> There is no obligation for any further process or another operator after the casting since the system operates automatically and managed from the drivers’ cabinet.

> Operating automatically decreases the risk of industrial accidents.

> External sides of the vehicle depend on the requested color and feature.