Fire Truck

Fire Engine Truck

> Additional superstructure material of the Fire Truck manufactured from the st52 material.

> The Fire Truck’s chassis is mounted onto the vehicle’s chassis with high-quality connection apparatus without welding them. Fibered nut bolts used for attaching the superstructure chassis onto the vehicle.

Bottom bodywork of the Fire Engine Truck Vehicle

> Bottom chassis of the fire engine constructed from galvanized steel material.

> Top of the chassis covered with a plaque having 2mms thickness.

> Particular sections created for the front and rear cabinets, pomp cabinet, equipment cabinet, and stair.

Fire Engine Truck Vehicle Water Tank

> The water tank constructed from stainless material.

> Breakwaters settled in the tank at certain intervals.

> An air-conditioner, overflowing and pomp connections placed in it.

> The tank mounted on the fire engine with equipment fitting toward assembling it easily.

> A heater determined in the tank to prevent it from freezing.

Foam tank

> Foam tank of the fire engine produced from stainless material.

> Ventilation, overflowing, and filling caps determined.

> A soap mixer system constructed in it.

> It is mounted on the vehicle as being modular. It raveled out from the vehicle easily if required.

Water pump

> A water pump with high pressure placed on the superstructure of the fire engine.

> It has an automatic absorption system. It can absorb the water until 5 meters.

> It operates with 2 stages in total.

> It repels the water with nearly 10 bars pressure.


> It placed on the ceiling of the fire engine.

> Manufactured from high-quality aluminum material.

> It has the capacity of handling water at 12 bars pressure.

> It has the capacity of repelling 60 meters water and 40 meters foam.

> Buttons placed on the monitor for enabling to control opening, closing, and water distributing functions.

Hydraulic Stair

> A hydraulic stair placed on the superstructure of the fire engine.

> It manufactured as 8 to 12 meters depending on the requests of the customer.

> Sheets of the stair produced from stainless material.

> The hydraulic stair operated from the main controlling board.

Joystick command of the fire engine

> The whole functions of the fire engine and the hydraulic stair commanded by the high function joystick.