Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank

> Fuel Tank manufactured from aluminum sheet material.

> Bottom parts of the tank produced from a sheet having St 52 quality.

> The tank mounted on the vehicle with durable connection brackets, not welded.

> The fuel tank made with a durable aluminum material having 5-6mms.

> It constructed as being resistance against the weather conditions -15 to +55. It has endurance against expansion and contraction that may occur as a result of the hot and cold weather.

> It designed as being proper to filling and discharging it from the bottom and over of the vehicle.

> Breakwaters installed in the tank at regular intervals.

> A stair determined for climbing on the tank. The stair designed as not slide during the climbing.

> A walking hallway placed on the tank that integrated with the stair.

> Evacuating valves placed on both sides of the tank for cleaning the sediments accumulating in the tank.

> Manhole lids placed on each part of the tank. These lids can easily be locked and sealed from outside. Safety valves placed out of the caps for overcharging.

> Surfaces of the fuel tank covered with epoxy resin material. After covering, painted at 2 or 3 stages.

> External surfaces of the tank constructed as intended colors. Painting process of the tank made with oven-dying.

Evacuation system of the tank

> An output having 4 or 5 in. and pneumatic control established for discharging the tank. 

Fuel Tank Armature Cabinet

> Valves with 4 or 5 inches settled as being specialized to each part. Sealable caps designed for the valves if requested.

> Turn on/off switch and the other controlling items placed in the cabinet.

> A counter, that shows the amount of the fuel charging and discharging, situated into the tank.


> A bounding output having 12 meters length placed in the tank.

> 4 copper grounding rods determined for the safeness.

> An emergency button situated in the drivers’ cabinet. The whole process that the tank handles can be stopped via that button.

> 4 fire extinguisher tubes, having 20 liters each one, placed on both sides and the rear of the vehicle.