Garbage Truck

Garbage Truck

> The dustcart operates with a hydraulic pressing system.

> The materials, used in the gathering part of the truck, are manufactured from steel material having high resistance against corrosion, rustiness and pulling.

> The dustcarts produced having between 2-18 m3 capacity.

> Although the rate of compression depends on the determined vehicle, it is generally 6:1.

> Lubricating points placed in the gatherer or tank hatch.

> A controller located the rear side of the vehicle for two users.

> The elements used in the reservoir of the dustcart has a dense packing in order to prevent the leak that may occur when the reservoir is full.

> With the intent of allowing the driver to see what is happening in the rear part of the vehicle, a camera and a recording system, having high resolution and night mode, placed on the vehicle. The displays taking from that camera viewed by an LCD monitor located in the drivers’ cabinet.

> Rear led projector lamps situated on the backside of the dustcart in order to increase the night sight quality of the employee.

> The dustcart manufactured as 120-360 liters, which is European Unions’ dust bins, and being compatible according to Dın 30700 norms.

> The gatherer part welded uniquely in order to prevent rust.

> The whole profiles used in the dustcart are strengthened.

Garbage Truck  Tank or gatherer cap

> The usage capacity is averagely 1 m3.

> An automatic lock system determined for the cap being opened and closed.

The drain system of the dustcart

> The drain system of the dustcart operates with electricity.

> The system completes the pressing process averagely between 20-25 seconds.

> Chrome coating implemented on the rollers of the system.

> On the purpose of evacuating dirty wastewater from the dustcart, a hose placed in front of the vehicle.

> The drain system has the capacity of evaluating the whole dust in the reservoir between 20-30 seconds. In fact, evaluating and charging can be fulfilled manually if required.

> The system is 4 sliding type.

Garbage Truck  Hydraulic System

> The pressure of the system is nearly 160 bars. The capacity of the tank is averagely 90 liters.

> Pressure reducer valves used in the system against overcharging.

> The electricity used in the system is 24V

Control system of the dustcart

> Emergency buttons placed on each side of the rear. The system will be automatically closed if these buttons are pressed.

> The whole functions of the control system managed by a command placed in the drivers’ cabinet.