Manhole Coring Machine

Manhole Coring Machine

> The manhole coring machine utilized as being mounted on the front clips of the heavy construction equipment.

> It doesn’t cause any destruction or damage to the manhole cover during the opening of the cap.

> The material used for the machine produced as having a st52 standard.

> It has a suitable geometric shape on the purpose of opening the manhole cap flawlessly.

> The machine’s digger has 90 centimeters diameter.

> A shock absorber system determined to prevent the system from getting damaged in case it hits an obstacle on the road during the process.

> The manhole coring system can expand according to the surface of the road.

> A dynamic cylinder connection placed into the system.

> The whole junction points are manufactured from polyurethane material.

> The system takes the required energy from the vehicle’s hydraulic system. If the energy, provided by the vehicle, would be insufficient, an additional hydraulic system is mounted.

> The manhole coring machine has the safety system to bear the cap safely after taking off it.

> An hydraulic engine with 75 liters oil capacity was added to turning the tambour which dissembled from the asphalt.

> The whole cylinders produced as having endurance against at least 200 atm pressure and they don’t leak.

> The depth of the cut of the manhole coring system is averagely 300mms. The weight of the shear box is 900 kilograms in total.

> A reservoir system determined to collect waste materials that result from the cutting process. The collected waste materials pitched away via a conduit. Besides, a wire cloth used on the purpose of preventing the waste materials from splattering to the environment during the cutting process.

>  The manhole coring machine designed properly to operating safely on the vertical axis.