Mini Garbage Collection Vehicle - Mini Dumper

The Mini Garbage Collection Vehicle – Mini Dumper

> The mini garbage collection vehicle has 1.2-2 m3 dust collecting capacity.

> The reservoir of the garbage vehicle coated with galvanize having at least 2mms thickness. The galvanize manufactured at the st37 standard.

> The mini garbage vehicle is designed according to 2-4 m3 vehicles.

> A reservoir, having 200-300 kilograms garbage collection capacity, positioned onto the system.

> Hydraulic pistons settled on the left and right rear corners to empty the reservoir.

> Two piston systems determined on the purpose of equilibrating the vehicle after the reservoir being emptied.

> A headlamp placed on the front of the vehicle. The lamp managed from a controlling board, which is located in the drivers’ cabinet.

> The garbage collection vehicle can be easily charged and discharged.

> The garbage vehicle operates with a hydraulic unit that nourished from the vehicle’s system. An extra hydraulic engine can be installed to the vehicle if its’ hydraulic system would be inadequate.

> A hydraulic system operating with 12v and an additional oil tank placed for the whole movements. The system is entirely leakproof.

> The 2mm galvanize, used for the ground of the vehicle, doesn’t melt even in the long term.

> The ground covered with additional protective material.