Pile Driving Machine

Pile Driving Machine

> Pile Driving Machine Manufactured from sheet material whose quality is equal with st52.

> The thickness of the profile used in the system is 5mms.

> Greaser used in the dynamic parts of the driving machine.

> Wheel lock angle of the vehicle is 180 degrees. A rotation bed placed on the rear of the system in order to allow the arm of the machine to turn.

> The machine has 6 command arms in total that can move toward left, right, up, and down.

> The pile diving machine operates with averagely 140-160 bars.

> A knob with hydraulic dash placed in order to nail post of plaque. Under the favor of this knob, plaque post can be easily mounted on the ground. Width of the plaque post is averagely 115mms.

Hydraulic structure of the driving machine

> A control valve placed in the system. These valves can stay as being closed position. They can command  5 bidirectional cylinders and operate a crushing system.

> The systemof the Pile Driving Machine locks itself in case of an extraordinary situation.

> Surface of the hydraulic piston covered with 25-micron chrome.

> It has 250 joules heating energy.

> Operating heaviness of the machine is 110 kilograms.

> Operating pressure is 100-150 bars.