Salt Spreader

Salt Spreader

The salt spreader system used when a glaciation occurs on the roads resulting from heavily snowing. It is possible to use the salt spreader and the snow plow blade collectively. The salt spreader system consists of five main parts.

Salt Reservoir

The salt reservoir has between 2-8 cubic meters volume that depends on the area where the system will be used.

> It manufactured from stainless steel material having a nearly 3mms thickness.

> The ground and the rear space of the salt reservoir covered with a stainless material having 2 or 3 millimeters thickness.

> The pool of the salt spreader system immobilized on the ground of the vehicle with the intent of preventing it from sliding while the vehicle is in motion.

The use of appliance of the spreading material

Spreading the salt, which placed in the salt reservoir, to the ground fulfilled by a hydraulic type motor. The intended amount of salt depending on the speed of the vehicle can be scattered by this motor automatically. In fact, that can be done as being manual if requested.

The splash appliance Salt Spreader

The splash appliance can be folded when the vehicle is not in motion or spreading the salt is rejected.

> The salt spreading system mounted on the back part of the vehicle.

> The height between the system and the ground is about 300mms when the system is not operating. In fact, the height can be arranged.

> The splash appliance manufactured from stainless steel; can be also constructed from polyurethane material if requested.

> The splashing mechanism has a strewing tray having 6 or 8 wings. The salt sprinkled homogenously.

> A barrier system constructed in order to prevent the vehicle from salt or damaging during sprinkling the salt.

> The width of sprinkling can be adjusted between 2-10 meters.

> The spreading unit of the vehicle enlightened from outside by the lights.

The hydraulic system of the Salt Spreader

A Hydraulic system used in order to operate the salt spreader. The system managed in terms of various functions such as urgent spreading, urgent closing, amount, or height,  from a hydraulic controller placed in the drivers’ cabinet.

Parking location of the salt spreading system

The reservoir, which is waterproof, of the spreading salt system can be plugged in/out effortlessly.

> An awning seated in the reservoir. There is no need to step up on the vehicle on the purpose of open or close the awning.

> A stair determined in order to allow to reach the salt reservoir.

> A conveyor system having 4 feet constructed for loading and uploading the salt if requested.