Snow Ploughs

Snow Ploughs

> A Snow Ploughs blade used by being attached to the front clips of trucks or vans in the compelling weather conditions.

> Operating speed of the blade is about between 0-60 km/h

> The snow plow blade manufactured as being durable against hard conditions in the broken roads and areas where snowing extremely. The body and edge of the blade are permanent; thus, can not be broken or get damage. The edge manufactured as being compatible according to the slopes on the road.

> The simple and profile materials used in the body of the snow plow blade have St 52 standard.

> 3-5mms aluminum substance used in the edge of the blade. A polyurethane material having 8 or 10 mms thickness also can be used if requested. In addition, a picket snow fence mechanism with 3mms thickness placed on the snow blade.

> The body of the snow blade manufactured from a sheet material having 8mms thickness.

> Lenght of the blade produced as being 1050mms averagely; in fact, it can be arranged between 2200*4400mms according to the requests coming from the customer.

> The whole quicksilver and loaves used in the blade have fiber loaf feature. Hardosk material preferred for the blade itself.

> The average measures that usually preferred of the blade are: 1000mms width, 15mms thickness, 150mms length.

> A bow system settled on the edge of the blade in order to prevent both the vehicle and the blade from getting damaged during the moving in compelling grounds. Under the favor of this system, in case there is an obstacle, the blade able to go over that and turn back the previous position.

> It is suitable to use the blade in compelling weather conditions. The blade preserves its flexibility and operates full functionally as far as -30/-40 degrees.

Mounting to the vehicle:

A telescopic bolted union mechanism, which is compatible according to a wide range of trucks, used in order to mount the blade to the vehicle. After being mounted on the vehicle, the blade can yawn depending on the aspect of the ground. The snow plow blade has endurance against dashes coming from the road during the snow plowing process.

Snow Ploughs The hydraulic system of the blade 

2 hydraulic cylinders determined in order to allow the blade moving on the ground through left and right. A valve system determined for the seesaw movement of the blade. The hydraulic system used in the blade completely compatible according to the vehicles system. The control handle of the blade situated on the driver’s cabinet. The whole functions of the blade can be managed from here.