Street Sweeping Vehicle

Street Sweeping Vehicle

> Street Sweeping Vehicle Sweeping process executed automatically.

> The whole functions of the vehicle guided by a controlling board placed in the cabinet.

> Storage capacity which used in the sweeping vehicle is 2-8 m3 that depends on the features of the vehicle.

> The thickness of the steel material which used in the ground of the trash reservoir is averagely 4-5 millimeters. Also, a steel material having 3-4 mm thickness used in the headrace of the reservoir either.

> Air canals situated in the trash reservoir in order to execute air circulation.

> With the intent of separating the gathered trashes in the reservoir, a sieve placed in it.

> A telescopic type hydraulic system established on the purpose of raising the trash reservoir.

> Raising the reservoir and sweeping process managed from the drivers’ compartment.


A water tank, having 1200-1500 liter capacity and manufactured from stainless steel material, found in the street sweeping vehicle. The requested pressure gained from a pump with a hydraulic system.

Motor and fan system

The required movement for the sweeping process procured from the engine of the vehicle. The engine controlled from the drivers’ compartment. The fan activates the brush system and the water pump.

Hydraulic system

The trash reservoir and the rear cap operates with a hydraulic system. A hydraulic lock system determined on the rear cap in order to keep the cap safe. Oil pan having nearly 100 liters capacity allocated for the hydraulic system.

Pneumatical system

8-10 bars pneumatical system applied in the sweeping vehicle. The brushes managed by that system.

Street Sweeping Vehicle Electric system

Additional electrical wiring with12-24 volts used in the vehicle. The electric can be controlled easily by the controlling panels situated in the vehicle. An audio alarm system arranged that operates by the time the vehicle in reversing gear.

Street Sweeping Vehicle system

Return grills, having 400mms width and resistance against friction, placed on both sides of the vehicle. 2 or 3 wheels situated on the mouth of the grills.