Waste Collector Sweeper

Waste Collector Sweeper Front Sweeper

>Waste Collector Sweeper  Front sweeper used as being attached to the front of the lorries or trucks.

> The length of the sweeper is averagely 220 centimeters and the depth is 60 centimeters.

> It is agreeable according to each variety of lorries.

> The purpose of use depends on the weather. It can be used as a front sweeper in the summer times; on the other hand, it used as a plow blade in the winter if desired.

> It is managed by a hydraulic system.

> The front sweeper can execute sweeping at the intended speed.

> An additional 30cc hydraulic pump attached to the vehicle on the purpose of managing the sweeper.

> The sweeper guided from a controlling board that placed in the drivers’ cabinet.

> The front sweeper can put pressure on the road with the intended aspect.

> The sweeper can make 120 periods in a minute under the favor of the 200cc hydraulic engine that it has.

> The sweeper has a rocker and an undulate piston.

> Two lights are positioned on the front of the vehicle to provide a night vision to the sweeper.

> The system has a marble in it. The marble mounted in the jacking device.

> After finishing the use of the sweeper, it can be easily dissembled from the vehicle.

> A hydraulic system applied for the sweeper. Under the favor of this system, the movements of the sweeper are executed effortlessly.

> It can move until 26 angles during turning to left and right.

> The hydraulic system of the sweeper can be enhanced toward the intended level.

> The attached front sweeper operates harmoniously according to the vehicles’ hydraulic system.

> The whole elements used in the system are compatible according to SAE100 R2 standards.